GBPUSD. 5190 holds!

Well done, 5190 holds.

So work of this level means that level was calculated right. And bears pushes very strong, but now still all in hands of bulls. Will see what will make in US session.

Report about work of tendency on GBPUSD.

I think that all noted that now i give analisys “from tendency” and not “against tendency”. It looks more clear. I want to show you one picture, where you’ll see what was potential of profit.

From march i started analisys with identify of tendency. Red line – “moment” of define tendency. Blue line – potential of profit. Yellow – “distance” in pips from one identify of tendency to next.

On picture:

1. Buy tendency. Defined 13 march.

Potential 690 pips
From signal till signal 423 pips

2. Sell tendency. Confirmed 13 of may.

Potential 324 pips
From signal till signal 128 pips

Look and think how to use it in your trading.

Click to enlarge.

Have a profitable trading!

TST Levels. EUR/USD on 31 May 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3043

Index TST Buy     0,0882
Index TST Sell    0,0709

Day direction – *******

Tendency – SELL

Day scenario:
After yesterday’s rise may be rollback. My expectations: descent on blue-red levels and then rise to area 1.3140. I closed yesterday by TP on 3021, and now will only watch, because expiration is soon. I hope we come to 1.3140 – 1.3200 – from there i will sell a little with target in 1.2930-40

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 31 May 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0416
DOWN   1,0257

The level of balance of the day –   1,0306

Index TST Buy     0,0876
Index TST Sell    0,1509

Day direction – *****

SELL    1,0392     1,0365
BUY      1,0323     1,0296

Canadian continues to gladdens. Now middle-term sell goes into plus. And he starts to work debts on TST Levels.

CAD as and pound, opened almost on levels of balance of the day (BD), it can says about uncertainty of players on market for go down. In moments like this is possible rollback. So keep it in mind when administrate your deals or looking for entrance point.

Next week is expiration of options. And left two weeks till futures expiration. So, today last “quiet” friday :) Be carefull in next two weeks.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 31 May 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5308
DOWN   1,5097

The level of balance of the day –   1,5220

Index TST Buy     0,2554
Index TST Sell    0,1589

Mandatory zone

Day direction – Possible rollback down

SELL    1,5300     1,5262
BUY      1,5202     1,5164

Is possible that today will change of middle-term tendency. So, read attentively what we have on data.

First.What we have im middle-term positions?

If you work conservatively – you have deals from 5413 and, maybe, from area 5040-5130(was chenged of colof of Heiken). If not conservatively – then you have few buy deals higher than 5413.

In you work conservatilvely – then all is OK, you have minimal drawdown. If not, then look at your situation and manage your size of lot for next deals.

Next. About tendency.

As we see on Heiken all is beautiful.And yesterday all is green. And if today will be growth it also will be green. But it is Heiken, what on data?

On data i dob’t see buy, but i don’t see sell anymore, so i call this tendency as “Change of tendency, FLAT”. How to work now?


To confirm change of tendency we need to grow. And it means that we need to broke and hold higher than 5240-5250 (close H4 candle and today’s day candle higher than thia area). If can’t do this it means disinclination to grow and, maybe, wish to fall to 5190, 5120 or even 5070.

If we rise in area higher than 5245 then our targets we see on TST Global Zone, work classically.

What is our tactic?

Of course no sell! Only if with SL.

And three ways to buy.

1. As me – don’t wait of confirmation of buy tendency, buy from 5229. My deposit in good state, so my MM allows me to do this.

2. More carefully variant – set buy-stop order on 5245. And if touch and fall – what to say… but if touch ang rise higher then all is fine. But if don’t touch and fall – then we can work by third variant.

3. Get half of working lot. Split in three parts. And set buy limits on 5190. 5120 and 5070. It will be best variant.

And we have fourth variant – fir they whi have big drawdown and have dangerous situation from deals on other pairs and don’t keeping MM. For you better don’t do anything. Because today is last day of may. And this means that next week is last in current options contract and is two weeks left till expiration of futures. For us it means: Trade with positive, but very carefully, to not become sad.

Have a good day!

P.S.: If today we don’t grow: fall or flat – it doesn’t mean that sell tendency is came back. See “came back” we can only in monday-tuesday in Daily Bulletin and COT.

TST Levels. EUR/USD on 30 May 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,2933

Index TST Buy     0,0957
Index TST Sell    0,0685

Day direction – *******

Tendency – *****

From side of direction for a day – on euro is flat. But with high probability to go up. Strong levels 2990. 3025 and 3131. At down 2890, 2838. So today i expect rise to area 1.2990 – 1.3025. I set TP on 1.3021. And next we can to stop here or descend. Anyway possible return to 1.2930-1.29 after touch of high. But, considering soon expirations i keep in mind only rise on this moment.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 30 May 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5187
DOWN   1,4986

The level of balance of the day –   1,5140

Index TST Buy     0,2814
Index TST Sell    0,1495

Mandatory zone

Day direction – Possible rollback down

SELL    1,5196     1,5160
BUY      1,5102     1,5066

After work of buy from indexes, often happens rollbacks. Especially after good work, as was yesterday. So, today we can expect a little rollback. But, we need to broke strong level 5120 for beginning.
Target of rollback in area 5070. Broke of this level and go lower – possible(because tendency is still SELL), but rebound and come back to 5120 also.

Symptom Wednesday at wednesday also in work. It can give rise to 5190-5200. Important levels for today i see on 5190 up, and 5120, 5070, 4996 down.

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 30 May 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0414
DOWN   1,0288

The level of balance of the day –   1,0312

Index TST Buy     0,0799
Index TST Sell    0,1492

Day direction – *****

SELL    1,0382     1,0361
BUY      1,0327     1,0306

Canadian as and other pairs continue to wait news from Fed, and not worked off our balances.
Nothing interesting happened on options. So better pay your attention on Australian, there possible to close day with buy Heiken. And this means that we can try to additional buy.

Current situation 29.05.2013

Buy indexes on pound is worked fine, anomal buy signal – also.  Strong level 5120 – gave little rebound.

In general – beautiful day! :)

And on Euro, level 2838 is kept and shoot up. Who work intraday – congratulations with profit. In middle-term – hope for will be broke of sell tendency and few weeks till expirations of futures will be growth.