TST Levels. EUR/USD on 2013.06.28

The level of balance of the day –   1.3064

Index TST Buy     0.1115
Index TST Sell    0.0740

Blue level – 1.2958
Red level – 1.2966

Day direction – ********

Tendency – ********

Still uncertainty. Today can be rise to 1.31+-, and then descent to 1.2970+-, so be carefull.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 2013.06.28

Day borders of options balance
UP           1.5340
DOWN   1.5216

The level of balance of the day –   1.5380

Index TST Buy     0.2126
Index TST Sell    0.1782

Mandatory zone

Day direction – Possible shoot up

Tendency – SELL (middle-term)

SELL    1.5296     1.5274
BUY      1.5239     1.5217

Do not dare to call current situation “market, where accumulating positions on new contract”. All sleeps. ANd my supposition about go out of big players on summer is right. Or they just took a rest till next Fed’s meeting.

Nope.. pound is well done: tendency to sell – working. From moment of define of tendency to low – 270 pips. So, it works good.

Who work by my recommendations from 20 june – anyway in profit. Who opened buy on yellow or on “Ladder up” – don’t hurry up to averaging. Let the tendency change to buy or Heiken paint to green, or both.

Important levels for today:
5405 5353 5315

5239 5175

Yesterday levels was broken. But after broke was retest, so who work w/o SL – can close to null. :)

P.S.: And about my “wish”. Broke the level of start of blue scenario. But – it’s market, here can’t work all always. And we have two perfect worked of previously wishes. And – it’s not the end, all can change very fast :)

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 2013.06.28

Day borders of options balance
UP           1.0530
DOWN   1.0380

The level of balance of the day –   1.0404

Index TST Buy     0.0754
Index TST Sell    0.1761

Day direction – -

SELL    1.0499     1.0474
BUY      1.0435     1.0410

Slowly and quiet, but we done balance yesterday. And i see some symptoms of descent to balance for 20 june at 1.0230. This target looks beauty and real.

Work on Canadian by TST Global and Heiken on D1. And, of course, watch on state of your deposit, if AUD or other pairs give big drawdown – don’t risk too much on CAD.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 2013.06.27

Day borders of options balance
UP           1.5388
DOWN   1.5244

The level of balance of the day –   1.5367

Index TST Buy     0.1957
Index TST Sell    0.1701

Mandatory zone

Day direction – -

Tendency – SELL (middle-term)

SELL    1.5359     1.5333
BUY      1.5292     1.5266

So, at last we completely finished yellow scenario. Level 5323 catched. One more wish with sign “done”.

Now need to work blue scenario. I bought from “Ladder up” a little. Tendency still to sell.

Situation on deposit became better. Australian gave one more buy signal from Heiken, euro closed by TP, Canadian also goes to plus, NZD also little jumps… in general all is ok. And main – we see tendency on our favorite – pound.

On pound second day balances at up, and it looks like if we will descent, then with “wish” to grow. It means that wishes of bulls will be broken and we will have place to comeback. Plus symptoms of TST Mothly and we have good area to comeback here.

Who work on important levels – with profit :). And if first level was broken on 5323, but 5296 gave rebound very precisely.

Important levels for today:



TST Levels. EUR/USD on 2013.06.27

The level of balance of the day –   1.2999

Index TST Buy     0.1112
Index TST Sell    0.0744

Blue level – 1.2978
Red level – 1.2996

Day direction – ********

Tendency – BUY

Be carefull. Today is full uncertainty. We can fall on 1.2979 – 1.2919, or rise to 1.3061 – 1.3120 with the same probability, so be carefull.

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 2013.06.27

Day borders of options balance
UP           1.0469
DOWN   1.0382

The level of balance of the day –   1.0445

Index TST Buy     0.0753
Index TST Sell    0.1763

Day direction – -

SELL    1.0473     1.0459
BUY      1.0436     1.0422

Today is compression of OC on Canadian, sometimes it happens after expiration weeks. In such days need just to watch work of price and balance. Other symptoms – ignore. Balance already worked at night, so we can relax on CAD for today.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 26 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5605
DOWN   1,5361

The level of balance of the day –   1,5518

Index TST Buy     0,1957
Index TST Sell    0,1701

Mandatory zone

Day direction – -

SELL    1,5498     1,5453
BUY      1,5384     1,5339

Looks like “summer mode” began. It’s when big players go out from market on summer. But maybe they just waiting “reason” to go in.

What we can expect in these days? Unexpected movements happens more often than we “need”. Speculators will try to make big movements with small money. In this market need to be more carefull with MM.

On data, balance at up, and rebound from yellow on TST Monthly in work. And all this in tendency to sell. If you have sell orders, i recommend to set it to lossless. If you in buy from yellow and with buy-limit on “Ladder up” – in such days high chance of work upper expectations of “Wish” (look yesterday’s comments, blue line on picture).

In general – will be funny in next few weeks :)

Important levels on pound:


TST Levels. EUR/USD on 26 June 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3057

Index TST Buy     0,1139
Index TST Sell    0,0846

Day direction – BUY

Tendency – BUY

Calculations shows buy signal. And on indexes TST also buy signal. So, we can expect descent (i hope on 1.2990, but can stops on 1.3048), and then rise. Situation isn’t clear.

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 26 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0551
DOWN   1,0375

The level of balance of the day –   1,0396

Index TST Buy     0,0704
Index TST Sell    0,2176

Day direction – SELL

SELL    1,0543     1,0514
BUY      1,0469     1,0440

Few days in a row we see balances at down. Maybe buy is “finished” and time to reverse. On TST Global we in sell. When Heiken paint to “red” – we can sell additional.

And sell indexes confirm our expectations of descent. How it be, strong and long or just take the debts – hard to say, because looks like market goes into summer mode.

Anyway, keep MM.