Comments for trade week 17-21 of june 2013

Today the day, when i an give recommendation without indicators – take a rest. Yes, again.


It’s simple. Today expiration of futures. In tuesday wednesday will be Fed’s meetings. And in wednesday Bernanke say something about QE. So, i think you understand why better look at this from other side, or rest on the beach till wednesday :).

Pound still in middle-term buy tendency. And area where will be “decide” where to go next is 1.55-1.56. At this moment i don’t see symptoms of sell.

New futures contract accumulate very weak, don’t see sentiment of players.

I don’t like to discuss about fundament. But in last time many questions about this. So.. i don’t specialist in fundament, but i have some thoughts. And i think that Bernanke don’t want to finish QE while he is a head of Fed. But and continue also became harder. And considering that till his retirement left very small time, we can hear nothing clear in wednesday. Likely we don’t hear some decision about QE. On second place in my top – that QE will continue till new year. And the smallest probability – that QE will finished.

Where will go market in these cases? I think nobody knows. Even themselves – this is the top of global manipulation machine :)

So, till wednesday i will only watch. Pound in good profit, canadian also. NZD 240 pips. Only Australian in drawdown, but also starts to grow. Will wait – maybe will come to our target 0.9800 – 1.0000.

My recommendation, wait till wednesday and don’t risk.

Comments for week 27-31 of may 2013

First. Maybe you see that last two weeks was virus attack on our servers, so i recommend to make antivirus check on your computers. We working with this problem, our apologize! Looks like we interfere to someone :)

Now about market.


Middle-term sell tendency take a pause. I see that on rollback was closing of sell-positions. It’s not signal to buy (because they closed sell, but can open again in any time), but, probably, we get pause. And if will no pressure from fundament – can be rise to 52.

I repeat: no signal to buy. Sell tendency still in work. If i will see signal to buy – i will scream about it everywhere.

By positions on pound: Heiken on D1 very red. So i have only one buy and i don’t hurry up to average. Wait for signal.

If you work conservatively – then you have no buys or only from 5413. If agressive – about 2-4 buy-deals. Better not open sell now, if already opened – better to close.


Still “nothing interesting”. Lying under fundamental pressure. And pound and euro, and all others – waiting decision about QE. And this decision awaited 18-19 june.

If i don’t mistake – today is holidays in GB and USA. So, today can be flat all day or very sharply movements. Be carefull, today is not the best day for trading.

About middle-term – as i said: likely will be nothing globally until decision about QE.


Heiken is red. Wait signal from him or from data in DB.

NZD – the same.

And Canadian – catch sell from overprice level and now gave a little profit.

If generally: Wait for decisions from Fed. And as always, date of this decisions “accidentally” matches with date of expiration on futures. So, maybe new contract will be with new “fundamental filling”.

Have a good week!

Commets for trade week 20-24 of may 2013

About pound.
Tendency to sell in work, all last week was slowly descent. Worked off of pattern “Wednesday at wednesday” – under question (not enough 27 pips to high of the week). But we in sell tendency, so it’s not surprise. And anomal buy signal worked good, gave about 100 pips.

When tendency will change – we will buy additional, at now in work the same orders, i still don’t want to buy additional. Need to wait signal from Heiken on D1, or changing of tendency to buy in middle-term. But we have none of this now.

Can we sell? – Yes. But with SL. Because we in buy-zone and any day can jump to buy (but in COT report i don’t see symptom of this).

So on pound – all is clear and all works. And on monday we have buy signal from TST indexes – so we can try to work it.

Canadian – beauty – catch upper balances that was in debts on TST Levels.

Australian – hot rally, wait for signal from Heiken Ashi on D1 for next buy.

Euro and NZD – nothing interesting. On NZD i still hold sell from 0,8662, will fix it and open buy when Heiken paint to buy or after signal on options.

So, no big changes in positions of “major” pairs. Maybe will be something interesting on news.

I wish you good luck and profitable trading!

Comment for week 15-19 april 2013

Good day!

Expectations of clear on situation – not justified. Data is unclear and thanks god TST Global start to shifts. Regroup on futures – not strong – but began.

We can only supposing what is it. Likely on euro will be rollback, because all data shows descend. But i expected sell from area 1.32.

Pound – there are bog. Signal to buy is exhausted. Signal to sell – still no have.

Considering all broken and important levels – and it’s yellow level on TST Monthly, that worked good and push pound to sell-levels – then we can expecting rollback to yellow again, and there broke down or rebound and form flat in area 1.54 – 1.5260. But repeat again, buy signal is almost finished, and no sell signal.

Resume? Situation needs to push from fundament.

From side of TST and TST Hedge – whole week i will be monitoring signal, and look for clear signal.

Canadian – that who is well done! In friday i close part of deals, in case of growth – i will sell again. If go down – will work on TST Global, and recommend it to you.

NZD – good rebound from upper overprice. I sell working lot from overprice.

AUD – sell from border of sell-zone. Europound – all fine. In general, in system again period of silence. And i receive questions: “what to do if strong flying will continues?”

1) Watch on TST Monthly. It will give us range of movements for a month. If you see that edge levels is far – correct your MM.

2) With high volatility i recommend to use TST Global Zone with Heiken Ashi indicator. And open first order from quarter levels, second order on signal from Heiken Ashi.

This two moments can save your deposit in hard times.

I wish you good luck on this week!

New version 3.52 of TST indicators!!

Release the new version 3.52 of indicators TST.

What’s new:
1. In TST_Global_Zone added US Dollar Index.
2. In TST_Levels added function of watch all untreated balances of the day.
3. In TST_Levels was added 2 kind of levels for EURUSD: blue and red. They shows additional symptom of tendency for a day, if blue level under red then tendency is BUY, if red under blue – SELL.
4. Fixed some bugs.

Download all new indicators you can HERE

TST Global Zone – analysis on week from 17 december 2012

How i wrote before, in periods like this i trade only from quarters on TST Global Zone. So, which of our pairs gave us to open deal. (Yellow arrows shows targets for partially or fully closing deals). Pictures are clickable.

2 small sell. When you will sell additional, keep in mind that upper overprice is close. I recommend open additional sell not earlier than 6260-6290-6305.

TST Global Zone. 17-21 december. GBPUSD


Sell from quarter. Till upper overprice is 290 pips. And you need to survive it. I recommend to add sell with step 140-150 pips. And in case of rollback – close “worst” deals.

TST Global Zone. 17-21 december. EURUSD


Two small sell. Additional on 0.8540.

TST Global Zone. 17-21 december. NZDUSD


AUD, CAD – sell-limit and buy-limit on upper and bottom quarter. Europound – still “out of work”.

Have a lucky week and with the upcoming holidays!!!

TST Global Zone. Analysis on week from 10 december 2012

As you know i recommend not trade in december and in period of futures expiration.
But if you can’t be aside, few words about current situation and places where open deals will be more safety.

Good area for sell 6132-6158. There Border of sell-zone, quarter of overprice, and upper Monthly target, so rebound must be.
For buy not bad looks area 5873 – 5879 (border of buy zone and center of overprice) and area 5926-5939 (yellow levels on TST Monthly). So you can split your buy-orders in two parts, one set on 5873-5879, and second on 5926-5939.

Sell from area 3069-3131 (border of sell-zone and quarter). Buy from 2390-2482 (Bottom TST Monthly level 2390, and bottom quarter 2482).

Buy in area 0.9783(TST Monthly) – 0.9798(quarter on TST Global Zone).
Sell in area 1.0044-1.0069 and, much better, in area 1.0127-1.0190.

Sell from 1.0615. Buy from 1.0059.

Sell from 0.8332 (can start right now :)). Buy from area 0.7850-0.7866.

Sell from 0.8211. Buy from 0.7917.

In general. In periods like this(december, futures expiration, long holidays), better don’t trade or trade small lots only from quarters on TST Global Zone, or from buy-sell targets on TST Monthly. Intraday trading not safely in this time.


After New Year will be launched DollarIndex (USDX) and SP500 in indicator TST Global Zone!