TST Ferrums

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Indicator shows strong levels of offer and demand. At least, price stops on this levels, but usually goes to rebound. And level can be not today’s level.

About indicator lines.
Solid lines LightSeaGreen color – it’s buy levels, red color – it’s sell levels.
If price is breakdown the level (goes from level more than 50 pips), then in most cases is comeback to this level same day or next few days, especially if we don’t touched opposite level.
Dotted lines it’s levels of broken sell (Red) and buy (LightSeaGreen) levels from the past days.
Dash lines – untreated levels of past days.

How to use.
You can work with those levels using limit-orders to rebound.
And strange but yesterday’s levels works better than today’s levels.
Accumulation of Ferrum-levels from past days in one price area talks about serious sentiment of players to protect this levels, and increases strong of this area.

Notice: Ferrum-levels are not directional. To define the direction use TST_Levels. This levels show levels of possible rebounds and better use Ferrums with 30-40 pips stop-loss.

Set up indicator on H1 timeframe, works on GBP/USD and EUR/USD.  This indicator supports only MetaTrader 4.

Latest version of TST Ferrums: – download 


Tactic of work.

Developing tactics to work with ferrums still in process, but some features already have.

1. Rebound from ferrums

Ferrums – it’s a levels where price goes to rebound or stops.
Set limit-orders on the Ferrum levels to rebound when first touch of price to level.
Here we need to use stop-loss.

Now development of tactic in process and when it’s would be finished I’ll write all parameters of open, close, SL and TP.
But you can look the history of Ferrum levels, see how it works and try to work to rebound right now.

2. Rebound when comeback to breakout level



Rules of this tactic:

We have buy-ferrum, and was breakout. After some time price comeback to this level and then we open sell to rebound from this level.
We have sell-ferrum, and was breakout. After some time price comeback to this level and then we open buy to rebound from this level.
Note that rebound in this tactic happen very powerful.
Also are good properties in this tactic:
If the price comeback to level and don’t go to rebound (level breakdown again), then we wait comeback. You can work
without stop-loss, but keep MoneyManagement!
Examples of rebound on the images.

Notice: breakout it’s when 50 pips or more.
3. Breakout of today’s ferrum level.

It’s long comeback:


If we have breakout of today’s ferrum then we waitin comeback to level of breakout
In that case also possible work without stop-loss, but you must keep MM.
Usually comeback in are 4 days, but also happens longer.

At this moment maximum time of comeback is 10 days, price goes from level on 300 pips.
Notice: breakout it’s when 50 pips or more.
4. Breakout on comeback

We have ferrum, and was breakout, and after some time price comeback to this level, and then we open deal to rebound.
But have cases when rebound not happen, and we have breakout again, here we waiting comeback to level.

Work with this tactic possible without stop-loss, but you must keep MM accurately. Because comeback usually take up to 5 days, but have cases up to 14 days and 300 pips overfly.

Notice: Remember, the most better understanding will be if you look history of indicator and watching how TST Ferrum levels works!


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