TST Global Zone

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TST Global Zone indicator shows strong levels and zones on current week.
A little description of indicator and trading strategy:

1.«Who is who» in the lines of indicator and main properties.

Look at the image below.

We have 4 kind of lines:

1)BUY-zone border. Light Blue Color. From the border of BUY-zone we open buy-orders, work to rebound.
1.0256 – 0.9914 borders of BUY zone.

2)SELL-zone border. Light Salmon color. From the border of SELL-zone we open sell-orders, work to rebound.
1.0597 – 1.0937 borders of SELL zone.

When the price in global BUY-zone it’s more profitable to buy, when price in the SELL-zone more profitable to sell.

3)GLOBAL-zone border («overprice» level). DeepSkyBlue color. When the price arrive to GLOBAL-zone border is very high chance to change trend. If price going out of GLOBAL-zone borders (over 1.0894 or under 0.9754 on the image below), it always comeback very fast and usually go to the opposite border of GLOBAL-zone in next 3-4 month.
0.9754 – 1.0894 borders of GLOBAL zone

Notice: BUY and SELL zones always have 2 border, UP and BOTTOM. Lines between borders in dash-style (gray color) don’t have strong. This is just distance between borders divided into 4 parts for better price orientation.

4) Centers:
1.0424 (White color) it’s center between BUY and SELL zones. Use it to fix part of your profit. Near this level price usually get consolidation or stop for a small time. Very often we can see flat around this level.
1.0324 (DeepSkyBlue color) it’s center of GLOBAL ZONE.
1.0429 – Buy-signal line(Teal color), 1.0412 – Sell-signal line (Red color). It’s signal buy-sell lines. It show current sentiment. If Buy-signal line over Sell-signal line, the sentiment to Buy. And backward. If we have buy sentiment we can more courageously work to Buy between BUY/SELL zones. As example we can buy from Center_white (1.0424).

How to use. Strategy

Main rule of the system it’s the Money Management (MM)! If you break MM system can give big drawdown!

We calculate our working lot by the rule: For each $15000 of deposit working lot = 0.1 (1$ for 1 pip). For the first order we use 1/3 of working lot.

Let’s see BUY-zone.

1.Open orders.
When the price touch nearest border of zone (1.0256, border of BUY-zone) we open buy-order size 1/3 of working lot. If the price descends deep in BUY-zone, after 120-150 pips we open one more buy-order size 1/3. If descends continue we waiting signal from HeikenAshi indicator on D1 TF, when it change color to BUY we open buy-order size 1 working lot.

2.Close orders.
Close 50-70% of all orders on the center between BUY/SELL zones (Center_white line). Other orders hold to border of opposite zone (border 1.0597 of SELL-zone for buy-orders).

Profitability of system 8-15% per month, average drawdown 4-6%, maximum drawdown 10-12%. System is most stable with working on 6 instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP. When 1-2 instrument in drawdown, other instruments give you profit.


Installation guide:
Put the file “TST_Global_v3.5_EN.ex4″ into indicators folder of your MT4 terminal
(as example “C:/Program Files/FIBO Group/experts/indicators”).
After this, restart terminal and drop indicator on chart(H4 timeframe better) of
That’s all! Indicator updated every week on monday about 06:00 – 08:00 am (GMT).


Download latest version of indicatorhere