TST Monthly

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In this indicator we have sell levels (Red color) and buy levels (Teal color).

Monthly levels it’s a levels of accumulation of limit-orders of big players. Usually we have 2-4 sell and buy levels. Let’s look at sell levels for example. We have bottom and upper sell levels. From each level price usually make rebound. If the price lift upper than all sell levels, it always very fast comeback. Also price reacts on untreated levels of past months.

Levels of indicator:

Yellow level.
Important only on GBP/USD.
If month opens above the yellow level, it usually falling down to yellow level and then rebound and go up about 400-600 pips.
If month opens below the yellow, then we don’t have defined scenario.
Notice: Month opening – 1st day after options expiration.

White levels.
Not important.

On EUR/USD and USD/CAD we also have violet levels.

Violet levels.
It’s levels, that price necessarily must touch.
If we have 2 violet levels in current month, price usually touch one of them.
As usually, the best way to understand how indicator works – is look at history (set to “true” parameter “ShowAllHistory” of indicator).

At this moment supports EUR/USD,  GBP/USD and  USD/CAD.

Set indicator on D1 timeframe. Indicator updates every month, on the next day after options expiration, usually it’s 5-10 day of month. Indicator working only on MeteTrader 4.

Latest version TST Monthly: – download

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