Description of course of study.

Wishes of market and methods of define it. Analytic trading system TST.

Author of method and developer of course: Stanislav Lukashov.


Target of course:

Studying and PERCEPTION of market regularities of money movements, tactics of big players, for make your expectations with HIGH probability of works, based on option analyze.

In other words, we learn to look at market from side of money, money that moves on market and which moves the market, because in analyze uses data from futures and options trades on worldwide markets and market CME in particular.

On learned author’s methods, including mathematics, time and psychology components, you will learn  make expectations by yourself, trade plan and make from it tactical decisions. Based on which you will trade.

Our target – after learn and first practice of trading, go to stable growth of deposit on long distance.

Course is useful as for advanced traders that and for newbie. Newbie is lucky – they are perceive all without layer of old knowledge and, on my experience, goes to system’s trade-parameters much faster and, that interesting, makes less psychological and MM mistakes.

Want to mark specially:

All materials of course is authoring development of Stanislav Lukashev (excepting some of preparatory materials) and find something like his on internet is impossible. You can learn this only on our course and practice only in our Club of traders TST.

Also want to thanks all members of Club of traders TST and adepts of system on all forums, without help of which would not have been tested ideas by new indicators and developes of Day direction


Learning plan

Duration of learning – one calendar week.

Beginning of classes at evening (by agreement with group)


Lesson 1

Theme “Input lesson. Calculating of week direction”

  • Method of calculating week direction based on COT reports
  • Option levels, calculating and selection
  • Building trade plan on a week
  • My answers for your questions.

Home work.


Lesson 2

Theme “Method of define day direction”

  • Author’s method of define day direction – calculating and reading signals. Making of trade plan for a day.
  • My answers for your questions.

Home work.


Lesson 3

Theme “Checking of work of trade plan on a week and day”

  • Checking of work signals on a day.
  • Checking of work trade plan for a week (check and compare your forecasts in Home work with market’s position. My comments).
  • Indicator TST Levels, properties of levels and patterns. Influence on work middle-term and daily expectations.
  • My answers for your questions

Home work.


Lesson 4

Theme “Debts and non-worked off”

  • Author’s method of define debts.
  • Types of debts and terms of work.
  • Trade system based on debts and non-worked off.
  • My answers for your questions

Home work.


Lesson 5

Theme “Free day”

  • Checking of Home works.
  • My answers for your questions about current situation on market.
  • Control work “Define week direction, making expectations and trade plan”

Lesson6. Saturday

Big webinar

Beginning of classes by agreement with group, find time good for all, presence of all group is very desirable!

Duration of webinar – about 2-3 hours (with breaks on 10 mins.)

  • Checking of control work from Friday.
  • Summarize results of the week. Systematization data of debts, non-worked off, and other patterns. Trader diary.
  • Moneymanagement, riskmanagement with trading on complex analize of TST, trade system TST Global Zone
  • Trade systems based on indicators TST Cashflow(scalp on M1 and intraday on H1) TST Ferrum and TST Indexes (work on ferrum levels in comlex with TST Levels)
  • Dealing centers and rules of choose dealing. Nuances of work with DC.
  • Discussion about perspectives of evolution of Club of traders TST, answers on your questions.  



All study is RECORDED on video and shares to all members of group. Moreover have text variant of lections. So if you busy on your main work or study, or you “affraid” to miss something – don’t worry – you nothing miss.

Moreover after ends of study, all students are transfered to closed chat of Traders TST.

Here you can continuing clarify your questions, get needed programs and “features” for work with system and calculates.

Also here you will pass practice under my watching and watching of guys-instructors with good experience of work with system.


If you want to join to course and Club of Traders TST, you need to do next:

-  Contact me in Skype and say about your decision to include in current or next group.

My Skype: tst_trader

- fill form and send it to my e-mail or Skype. Download form: link.

- make money transfer, after this you will receive author’s part of material and begin study it BEFORE start of course. That’s why I started gathering of group before 2-3 week before course – for you can read and study theory.

Cost of course: 450 USD

Pay system is PayPal.

In comments to payment write your Skype and write words “For one week course of  study”

And important detail about PayPal. By default you are on the tab “Purchase”, and if pay with this settings, then you pay comission till 5,5%. So, you need to switch to tab “Personal” and check “Other”. Then payment will be without fees. Of course it works only if pay from your account, if you pay from bank-card through PayPal – comission unavoidable.

So, better make account, and pay without comissions :)

After payment necessarily notify me about your payment and I send you to e-mail matherials, for you don’t loose time and starts to prepare.

My Skype: tst_trader


You understand that volume and level of knowledge that you will receive is more bigger than I wrote in study-plan. And cost of course also must be more expensive. But we don’t have target of earnings on studying. Our target is make community(club) of strong traders. Price balanced to weed out trolls and for you, really RIGHT traders don’t beat afford.

Almost all money, received for learning, goes to supporting of technical part of indicators, servers, salary to programmers and other companies, which makes all for indicators working and stay be free for all. For system be self-sufficiency.

I want to one more time say THANKS for everyone who helps technically and morality.

Thanks all who already learned and now helps to learn others, who works in closed chat, who downloads and use indicators in trading.

Good luck for us in our not easy work.


Materials for viewing – 1 part from network. 2 part – important.

First. Options and futures.

You need clear understand few things:

  1. Where is earns seller of PUT option, where his losses, where is level of his lossless.
  2. Same for seller of CALL option, where his losses, where earns and where lossless level.
  3. Where is earns buyer of PUT option, where his loosses, where is his lossless level.
  4. Same for buyer of CALL option, where is level of his loss, earns and lossless.
  5. What the “great” property of premium!

This is very important in our work! So I ask you understand this. No need to learn it, need to understand how it works.

Option –  read this

Futures – read this

Second part. COT.

Understand who is who in COT report, and who stands which side on market.

It’s all what need to know as “based”. Second part of materials will be sended you after payment to your e-mail.


Technical part of learning.

All you will need is Skype. Before few days to beginning of course, creates Skype-chat of your group. Also you will need soft for watching my desktop – TeamViewer, you can download it here

Also for watching video you may need codecs, you can download it here:

CCCp codec: here

Codec for Windows 7:  here



Earlier I made webinars two times in a week and then 3 days of practice.

Then, 2 big webinars on Saturdays(first – big theory lecture, and next Saturday – finish webinar. And between it 7 days of practice in group’s chat.

Now course goes into one full learning program, and main “pressure” makes to practice and your questions about current situation on market.

Peoples who studied don’t give me to lie, questions are not filtered and all will be answered(of course if I know that can answer professionally), even if they(questions) go out from program of study.

So, you must be ready for information will be very much and you may appear questions, which you will need not just hear me and write answers, but you will need to work on this (I often gave tasks to check knowledge of program)

Moreover, you gets home works after each lesson. Some of them we will see in the process of learning. But some we leave to big webinar. But all of them must be done. From it dependent quality of your further trading.

In process of learning is doing videorecord. After learning you will receive it. But also prepare note books, you will need it to write important moments.


Which knowledge you will get as result of learning.

1.         Skill to analize. Nope. READ the market. So, see wishes of market to comeback to some levels or targets. You will learn to define these levels, evaluate the expectations of it works. Estimate the drawdown and time of works. With high probability of done, you will able calculate middle-term and intraday DIRECTION of market. And push BUY or SELL it’s a technical matter, isn’t it?

2.         You will understand tactical figures in case “right” deals, and you will know what to do in case of mistakes. And calmly. I repeat – CALMLY adjust these orders.

Those who searching the system without mistakes deals – those doomed for eternal wanderings from one system to other. Important not find the system without mistakenly orders. Important to find system which told you WHAT TO DO in that case. You have a chance to learn of such system. Also we will discuss question of difference «SIGNAL» and «TACTIC»! It’s important question and often is crucial when you make your trade plan.

3. You will learn to calculate important option levels by classical options calculating. And, what important: you will can make right selection of these levels for work. From right selection is often depends profitable of your deals. You will receive logics and understanding of rules of selection, and also, market and meaning foundation of these rules.

4. You will know that, what nowhere and never yet studied: this is basis futures-options analize of market. How to understand, what doing big players and which way they stay? How to calculate them and ride on “their wave”?

5. After learning you will take part in chats of Club of Traders TST! There you will practice your knowledge. You will see tactics of other peoples. Receive great exchange of information. Gradually sharps your tactic. Sharps your knowledge and transform it to useful experience. And, moreover – take part in all new and interesting develops and checks new ideas of analyse.

Finally target of learning: for you to come out on the stability. Stable analyse, stable profit.