TST Levels. EUR/USD on 21 June 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3191

Index TST Buy     0,0936
Index TST Sell    0,0720

Day direction – SELL

Tendency – SELL

I see descent today. And if don’t broke, then it will be strong and we can touch area 1.3106 – 1.3050. Descent can starts from blue-red levels, but we already touched they, so can start from current. But be carefully.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 21 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5655
DOWN   1,5311

The level of balance of the day –   1,5441

Index TST Buy     0,1962
Index TST Sell    0,1904

Mandatory zone

Day direction – *****

SELL    1,5618     1,5556
BUY      1,5479     1,5395

For today relevant comments from yesterday. We need to confirm sell tendency or renew tendency to buy.

On today’s data i see serious resist to fall, that can be broken on US session. On TST Hedge and other symptoms i see, that sentiment after Bernanke’s speech turning to bears.

Don’t need to panic, but need to be ready. If they starts something – we’ll see this on next week. We catched change of tendency on pound, so now need to watch what next.

Important levels for today


TST Levels. USD/CAD on 21 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0428
DOWN   1,0298

The level of balance of the day –   1,0323

Index TST Buy     0,0750
Index TST Sell    0,1478

Day direction –

SELL    1,0400     1,0379
BUY      1,0344     1,0323

Canadian is beauty. Got all unworked balances.

For today we see that balance at down. Canadian came to upper quarter on Global. Ready to open sell (small lot), and then wait signal from Heiken for next deals.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 20 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5731
DOWN   1,5337

The level of balance of the day –   1,5510

Index TST Buy     0,1974
Index TST Sell    1,1906

Mandatory zone

Day direction – BUY

SELL    1,5611     1,5539
BUY      1,5426     1,5354

First – congratulations with profit who trade only on TST Monthly. You third month in a row with profit :)

I sold with you in april, bought in may. But here don’t opened sell. Hope to buy with you from “Ladder up” and yellow. And my “wish” by yellow scenario in work.

And when we finished the yellow scenario i want to start blue.

Main now is accelerate tendency. Buy tendency is broken – it’s a fact. Changing to sell tendency – it’s also fact. But need to confirm this. Closing today and tomorrow lower 5448 will be confirmation of sell tendency. But always exists variants.

Pound stopped on shortstops area. And if we broke this now, then next terget is Ladder up.

If we don’t broke shortstops zone – will rise again – then will hard to pass area 5564 – 5674. There possible new attack of bears.

From side of Global, pound out of sell zone and fall under center of overprices. This is the place where we can look for buy and be carefull with sell. But now we work in tendency, and tendency now is flat-sell. So, tactically i would work by next scenarios.

1. Do nothing. Let him fall on Ladder up. There buy very SMALL lot(because it will be against tendency) and then again wait. I will do like that. If we go lower – then wait for change of tendency and go as minimum to come back to yellow (because if we will fall it means that yellow will be broken), and as maximum – to upper overprice.

2. More agressively: Sell from area 5674-5564(better higher than 5605). And desirable to set SL higher 5765. Because in this area probably battle between bulls and bears. And if bulls will win – then go to upper overprice.

3. Very agressively. Sell-limit in area 5480-5550(only with SL) and trying to fall in 1.50.

And important levels for today:


By the way, pound stopped in area unworked levels 5450 and 5428. Maybe buy signal from indexes will give rebound from this area and we go up.

TST Levels. EUR/USD on 20 June 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3274

Index TST Buy     0,0880
Index TST Sell    0,0951

Day direction – *******

Tendency – *******

Yesterday Bernanke did his mission. Now need time for comprehension this speech by players on market. Recommend to take a rest till monday.

TST Levels. USD/CAD on 20 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0297
DOWN   1,0135

The level of balance of the day –   1,0231

Index TST Buy     0,0863
Index TST Sell    0,1520

Day direction – SELL

SELL    1,0296     1,0269
BUY      1,0224     1,0197

So, our awaiting of Bernanke is finished. CAD moved to work upper balances. As and pound goes down.

First reaction of market we see. Now need to watch what say middle-term players of market after contemplating of yesterdays’ speech. Today is thursday. In middle-term canadian in sell. Intraday signal to sell. Recommend to rest till monday, we need to see new Global.

TST Levels. EUR/USD on 19 June 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3392

Index TST Buy     0,0824
Index TST Sell    0,0953

Day direction – *******

Tendency – *******

Today many important fundament, Bernanke and Fed. Recommend to be aside.

TST Levels. GBP/USD on 19 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,5760
DOWN   1,5363

The level of balance of the day –   1,5516

Index TST Buy     0,1877
Index TST Sell    0,1905

Mandatory zone

Day direction – *****

SELL    1,5771     1,5698
BUY      1,5585     1,5512

Today the day that we waited. What usually happens in days like this? First wait, then listen, think and then… react. Which side? – Nobody knows.

So if you want to trade intraday – use SL. Moreover, in newswire we see many contradictory information.

On our positions in pound all is fine. We are in buy by middle-term tendency. Who bought yesterday from 5568 – congratulations. Drawdown was only 2 pips and not bad profit.

About other pairs, first we need to see reaction of market and then decide what to do.

And important levels for pound:


TST Levels. USD/CAD on 19 June 2013

Day borders of options balance
UP           1,0300
DOWN   1,0075

The level of balance of the day –   1,0275

Index TST Buy     0,0869
Index TST Sell    0,1415

Day direction – *****

SELL    1,0255     1,0216
BUY      1,0155     1,0116

Today Bernanke and Fed. Plus today the first day after expiration on Canadian, and need to watch which side will be accumulate positions. So today better be aside.

TST Levels. EUR/USD on 18 June 2013

The level of balance of the day –   1,3342

Index TST Buy     0,0877
Index TST Sell    0,0886

Day direction – *******

Tendency – *******

First day after expiration of futures. Today possible descent on blue-red (1.3274, 1.3307) and there go deeper or rebound. Recommendation – take a rest!